About us
Arts Foundation is a non-profit organization that exists to provide support for young female artists from Europe and Asia. We have developed a powerful online platform that exists to encourage and inspire artist and creatives on their path of learning and developing their skills. Because we understand how much of a struggle finding inspiration and noticing your personal progress can be, we decided to build our website as a place of unity and originality, where artists and creators can find relatable stories and useful advice. We want to help you develop you skills and understanding of art through valuable knowledge and high-quality information. We strive to be an inspiration for you to create and stay creative even when times get tough and self-doubt creeps in. Our main goal is to give voice to young female artists from Europe and Asia by being a place of support, encouragement and recognition and providing monetary support and excellent work opportunities. To do this, we provide scholarships, exposure in various events and the opportunity to be featured in galleries and exhibitions. We are currently on the lookout for talented artists in the spheres of painting, sketching, sculpture, etc. that would love to join us, be featured and help to inspire others!